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Roof Signs
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Rooftop constructions are effective branding for leading companies

Rooftop construction is an advertising construction of big size, which is placed on the roof of the building. Rooftop constructions can have a look of voluminous letters, banner stretch, LED screen.

Wealthy companies, which have corresponding and must have a signboard which is easy to see from a long distance, status can afford rooftop constructions.

The best fact about rooftop constructions is that it is placed on the highest points of the city like modern office buildings, large malls and its main aim is pointing the office of the company or just to attract clients.

Principle of manufacturing the rooftop constructions

Specificity of manufacturing and installation of rooftop constructions puts forward requirements for experience and professionalism of the staff.

We install the advertisement constructions on the rooftops with the help of tower vehicles, cranes or industrial climbers.

At first we estimate a chance to install the rooftop construction in a place where our client wants to place it. We perform analysis about the roof, its and buildings sustainability for choosing the supporting construction.

There are two variants how to do it:

1. To install special metal carcass which are related to the supporting construction of the building and then make junction points with the roof waterproof.

2. To install the supporting frame flatwise and to squeeze it with the concrete block. In this case it is not necessary to make holes in the roof.

Now when people construct new buildings (especially commercial) the think about rooftop constructions in advance and make metal carcass or the whole metal construction or the roof is being made stable and flat. We usually brew the technical floor with the metal carcass to increase its stability.

Very important requirement is that the installation must be done in a way that it would not damage impermeability of the roof.

Installation of the supporting construction can take a couple of days, because it takes some time to lift up the parts of it on the roof and at the same time not to damage the glazing of the building.

The next step is manufacturing of advertising signboard, which is fastened to the metal carcass.

There are some special requirements to the materials because of big size of the product, the fact that it is heavy to get to the place of installation and service and susceptibility to wind loads. If in the process of manufacturing of simple signboards we use plastic, light banners then in the rooftop constructions we use aluminum, aluminum composite panel, galvanized (zincked) metal, light-emitting diodes and cast banners. The main aim in the process of choosing the materials and electric equipment is long exploitation term, good weather resistance and sustainability of the construction. Even simple voluminous letter must be assembled much better than the letter in simple signboards because it will be installed at high altitude, where the strong wind blows.


The films for decorating the letters, banners or paints are chosen from the premium segment of materials, resistant to the ultraviolet radiation, because the longer they serve the less often they need to be replaced and repaired, which is not so cheap. The same factors are related to light-emitting modules and power supply.

The cost of manufacturing of the rooftop construction consists of several factors such as:

1. Supporting metal carcass and its installation, sometimes this part of the product has the same price as advertising part of rooftop construction. If the metal carcass is present on the roof, then the client has nice possibility to reduce costs.

2. Advertising signboard and its installation. There are two variants. The first variant is that we can take more expensive, more qualitative materials and to reduce cost in the future, because we will not serve your signboard often. The second variant is that we can get lower piece because of the lower quality of materials, but you should be ready for investments in repairing the construction, which will happen more often. We do not recommend you using cheaper materials.

3. Designing the project of advertising construction and getting the permission for its montage and exploitation.

Contact us and we guarantee that you will get the rooftop construction which will serve you long and will have high quality!


Dzyuba O.V.

I want to express gratitude to the collective of Svit Projektiv, especially Goncharenko Irene, for professionalism and responsible going near business. It is pleasant to work with you - orders are made in time and qualitatively. Inspirations to you in-process, successes and many good clients.

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