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The best way of viral advertising is branding of the automobiles.

Every company is interested is sales and new clients. It is said that the cheaper spending on advertisement which will attract new clients the better.

Sign boards, announcements, leaflets, SMM advertisement and Google Adwords are variants which need permanent investment for you to get new applications. Automobile advertisement needs to spend money only once, this is the thing that distinguishes it from the previous variants. Automobile, which is decorated with qualitative materials and prints, will attract many new customers to your company and will recoup the print hundred times when you will drive across the city or country.

Materials for gluing advertisement on the automobile.

There is a lot of variants on the market which are used for surface sticking, but not all of them are suitable for decorating transport. Many clients try to save their money as hard as they can and accept offers from advertisement companies, which are not competent or try to do too much advertisement. For example many cheap films such as Oracal 641, Avery 500 can be pasted on your automobile but:

1) They are not suitable for exploitation conditions in which the car moves (dust, salt on the roads, water, cold or heat, chemical materials on the car wash)

2) This film is used for short periods of time and in the process of time cracks and shrinks

3) Its adhesive layer has a bad reaction on lacquer coating, so when the film will be dismantled it can damage the car paint

Specialist from “Svit Proektiv” offer always only that films which declared by the manufactured as that which can be used for sticking it to a car. Our team does its work very carefully so your car would not be damaged. We use such films as Ritrama Ri-Jet which has Air Flow, Hexis, Oracal, Vissbon technology and are provided to us by our partners Avers (avers.ua), Plastics (https://plastics.ua/viscom/products/auto/), Vissbon (https://vissbon.com.ua).


Technical conditions for advertisement to be pasted on your car

For advertisement to have the best look on your car and to be carefully pasted such conditions must be complied:

1. The automobile must be clean

2. The films must be suitable for pasting it on the car.

3. This job must be done in clean placement by specialists who had passed special courses and learned how to do this job.

4. Special chemical materials and tools must be in the workshop.

5. After the job is done you can’t wash the car and you must keep it in the warm place.


Recommendations about effective branding of the automobile

We recommend to follow several simple technical and marketing rules:

1. You should not try to paste the films on the parts of the auto which are often susceptible for mechanical damage (glass where the car wipers clean it, door or fuel tank edges, threshold which are close to gravel impact)

2. You should choose such films which contrast with automobile colors.

3. You should make inscriptions, telephones and websites big, legible and easy to remember.

4. Important texts must be placed on the eye level of the spectator to make it easier for them to notice.

5. To order automobile branding only from reliable manufacturers, such as “Advertising workshop World of Projects” If you need your automobile to be decorated fast and qualitatively, we wait for your call!


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