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About us

Imagine the pleasure of working with a contractor who never calls you with a request to post delivery of the object "because we were let down by the suppliers." Imagine the pleasure of working with a contractor who, after completing work, never asks you to pay an additional 10% of the estimate amount "because you did not tell us what should be quality." Imagine a contractor who will never say "crooked and dirty - this is normal for such a budget." Imagine a contractor who always comes ten minutes before the agreed time, without ruining your plans for the day. Imagine a contractor who is on call 24 hours a day.
We will execute your order faster and better than competitors!

Elements of external identification: Signs, stele, brandmauers, roofing installations, film pasting
Exhibition stands: designing and manufacturing in Ukraine and abroad
Branding of interiors: Interior signs, photo panels
Furniture: Office & Retail
Production support of events and promotions: Non-standard advertising constructions, models of products, mobile stands, film-gluing, book stands, large-format printing

Full production cycle

Milling section
The mock-up area
Welding station
Large format printing
Furniture shop
Assembly shop


High-altitude installation of advertising structure The company was founded in 2008 and today is one of the most dynamically developing in its segment.

The management of orders, production, purchases and warehouses is carried out with the help of a single automated control system, which makes it possible to guarantee the observance of production terms at the level of 95-97%.

The quality of our products is ensured by a high production culture and work on the Japanese system "Kaizen"

Our installation teams do not break the deadlines. Our products never fall apart. We work quickly, carefully, paying attention to the smallest nuances.

Information board - an element of a unified production management systemOffice and production facilities of the company are located in Kiev. The head of production is a specialist with 10 years of experience in the field of outdoor advertising. We have our own warehouse of materials and semi-finished products. We use the pipeline organization of labor when performing serial orders.

We own both traditional and the most modern technologies: large-format printing of the highest quality on an eight-color eco-solvent machine, milling parts on a CNC machine, using LEDs instead of neon to produce signage, cutting a film on a cutting plotter with an optical system.

We are proud that together with you we are developing the industry of Ukraine!

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