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Pylon Signs
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Stelas and pylons are status objects of outdoor advertising

Stelas and pylons are separately standing objects. These objects can have different use such as image (logo, slogan) or information (direction, schedule). Stela is a construction of big height. Pylons ar smaller constructions, which usually placed near the entry.

Types of advertising pylons and stelas:

Sometimes it is not enough for some companies to have a signboard; they need to stress their importance and image so they

need to have stela or pylon in their arsenal.

They are often used for:

1. Designating the name of the cities, villages, regions.

2. For gas stations (displays with prices, tickers, logo of the gas stations)

3. The pointer of the big malls and establishments (sports centers, hospitals, hotels, autodealers)


The main requirements to stelas are their good visibility, because of that they will have a big size, bright colors, which do not fade, and long term of exploitation (more than five years). In these regards, we use high-strength metal carcass, which are made by us, aluminum composite panels with qualitative coloring for cladding and light-emitting diodes from reliable supplier. Lying of the foundation has a big importance. If the concrete congeals incorrectly (for example to pour concrete in winter without adding additives) it will crack and will make foundation unstable. It is especially important when you take wind loads into account.

When we construct our stelas we remember that in the process of its exploitation our client might need an access to the internal content of the stela for technical service, replacement of the electrical equipment, washing etc. That is why our stelas are easy to service and keep it in presentable condition. These objects are usually used by big marketplaces and networks of shops. We have an experience of building stelas for gas stations, malls, hotels, power companies.


Pylons are smaller copies of stelas, but they are closer to the spectator, because of that the exterior finishing and attention to small details take leading places during the process of manufacturing. As the pylons have smaller size than stelas their installation is easier and faster. They are often placed on concrete, tile etc.

The technology of manufacturing advertisement stelas and pylons

The main part of such constructions is metal carcass. The carcass is cladded with sheet material. Aluminum composite panel is usually used for such aims, but sheet metal can be used as well as acrylic, plastic and fiberglass. The surface is usually decorated by the print, flat or voluminous letters, logos and inscriptions.


It can be without illumination, with illumination of the whole surface or just some parts of it can have illumination.

Stelas, which are placed on gas stations, usually have electronic screens, where you can see prices or advertising slogan.

And the pointer in malls are consisted of several lightboxes or banner stretches to change the names of the companies in the mall

Constructions are usually placed on the concrete “pillow” and then we connect them to the power supply.

We manufacture stelas and pylons in our workshop are here is manufacturing cycle:

1. We work out the design

2. We work out technical documentation for approving the project in organizations, who oversee the placement of separately standing objects.

3. We weld and paint the metal carcasses.

4. We process aluminum composite panels

5. We braze and install LED elements.

6. We pour concrete “pillow”, and install details which are needed for pouring concrete.

7. We install constructions, even with using special machines like crane.

These advertising constructions are usually not cheap that is why we do not recommend you to risk and order variants which are as cheap as possible. Call us and we will offer you the qualitative product for good price!


Dzyuba O.V.

I want to express gratitude to the collective of Svit Projektiv, especially Goncharenko Irene, for professionalism and responsible going near business. It is pleasant to work with you - orders are made in time and qualitatively. Inspirations to you in-process, successes and many good clients.

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