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We will be pleased to make furniture of European quality for you at Ukrainian prices. We have gigantic experience in furniture production, complemented by knowledge in the field of advertising technologies, which are not limited to the usual list of materials and traditional technologies of furniture companies. Even to the creation of ordinary office furniture, we come up creatively, producing beautiful, durable products in a tight timeline.

We are sure that your office or retail outlet needs furniture that will perfectly match the specifics of your particular business. Therefore, we do not produce standard furniture - because all our customers are different, with different tastes and requirements. Thanks to the unique production management system, we can produce furniture according to an individual project at a price comparable to standard furniture.
We professionally conduct large projects

A separate direction of our furniture business is to accompany the relocation of large companies to new offices. We are well aware of the fact that moving hundreds of jobs from one end of the city to another, that such activities are accompanied by repairs and are often a stress for employees. We are able to organize the process so that the client in this fuss was calm, that with furniture he will have everything in order. In case of major project support, we provide round-the-clock communication with the project managers, instant response to inquiries, departure of the assembly teams within a few hours after receiving the request, as well as many related services such as disassembly and installation of existing customer furniture, brand building of the new office premises, Manufacture of interior signage, decoration of glass partitions with stained-glass films, branding of official cars and others.
Office furniture

When designing office furniture, we focus on the fact that the products are as functional as possible, fit into the corporate style of the company and have an adequate cost. We manufacture office tables, office cabinets, office cabinets, reception desks, office cabinets and other furniture. You can find out more in the section Office Furniture.


Trading furniture

We manufacture showcases, showcases and trading stands, counters. By combining a variety of materials and technologies, adding decorative lighting, we will ensure that your product is well-marked and well-visible among many competitors. We produce both individual products and we carry out complex projects for the production of commercial equipment, including assembly of customer furniture, transportation, storage in our warehouse, as well as solving issues with the brand building of the trading floor. For more detailed information on the implementation of projects related to commercial furniture, please read the Trading Furniture section.


Our promotional furniture is guaranteed to attract attention to your product or service. Presentable finishing materials, crazy light effects, connecting your equipment to create active models and samples! Contact us, we will be glad to make something unique and unique for you. For more information, see the section Promomobil.


Орел Валерий
Ст. инженер

Что понравилось и запомнилось в процессе сотрудничества с "Миром проектов?

Оперативность и четкость в оформлени заказа, компьютерное моделирование изделия, со знанием всех технических характеристик, консультационная поддержка на стадии заказа, помощь в выборе модели, грамотный инженерный подход к вопросам изготовления и монтажа. Чувствовалось, что в компании с большим уважением и паритетом относятся к потенциальным заказчикам, независимо от их статуса, стоимости заказа и пр. деталей. Изготовление, доставку осуществили оперативно, монтаж - качественно и в строго оговоренные сроки.

Приятно осозновать, что в Украине есть компании, которые обеспечивают по настоящему европейские стандарты работы.

Искра В.В.
Генеральный директор
Компания "Трансмаркет"

Спасибо сотрудникам ООО «Світ Проектів” за то, что они очень быстро отреагировали на запрос и качественно изготовили продукцию. Макеты были изготовлены согласно всем требованиям. Отдельная благодарность менеджеру по продажам Яне Макалендре за ее профессионализм, отзывчивость и оперативность в работе.
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Дзюба Олег Вікторович

Хочу висловити подяку  колективу «Світ проектів», а особливо Гончаренко Ірині, за професіоналізм та відповідальний підхід до справи. З Вами приємно працювати – замовлення виготовляються вчасно та якісно. Натхнення Вам  в роботі, удачі та багато хороших клієнтів.

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